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Why the room must be opened the windows and doors?

Since our coolers are used as coolant water, which evaporates in the process of passage of the warm outside air through water wetted filters and is discharged with the cooled air inside the premises, the humidity in the room increases slightly.


Such additional humidity is not perceptible for the human body and to animals and plants if You follow one of the basic rules of the effective operation of swamp coolers – how much air filed into the room through the cooler, the same shall wail emitted from the room through openings, where they are not enough, and using additional exhaust ventilators – doors and windows in the room should be slightly open (see answer to the previous question). Otherwise, the indoor humidity may reach levels that will adversely affect the level of comfort for occupants in the room. From this we can draw the conclusion that our coolers are indispensable in areas where it is impossible to ensure complete isolation of the room from the external environment for the installation of air conditioning systems other types (e.g., compressor). Outside air comes into premise only through the coolers, creating more than external pressure in the room. So dirty outside air is unable to penetrate into the room through the open windows and doors. 8. AT WHAT MAXIMUM RELATIVE HUMIDITY, YOU CAN USE SWAMP COOLERS? The swamp coolers are operating steadily at a relative humidity of the outside air to 70%. Their effectiveness increases with decreasing the relative humidity of the outdoor air and the outdoor temperature increases. However, they are fairly well operated and at higher levels of relative humidity (80%). In these cases, the number of shifts of the air in the premises should be higher than usually recommended for specific climate zones (up to 60 changes of air per hour). At levels of relative humidity of outdoor air more than 80% of the cooler should be translated in the mode of fan work, which also gives a positive effect and increases the comfort level in a room by the change of air 30 to 60 times within an hour. 9. CLEANSE IF AVAILABLE IN COOLERS FILTERS, AIR? Yes. Clean. Filters catch dust and all particles polluting the air larger than 10 microns (some household models capture particles larger than 0.3 microns in the presence of an additional electrostatic filter). In addition, eliminates all odors and tobacco smoke. However, the filters perform the function of air purification only in the case of the cooler in cooling mode air, that is, when using the filter circulates the water. In the winter, in areas where the outdoor temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius, the coolers can't operate in the mode of air purification, because the water supply to the coolers must be shut down, due to the possibility of freezing. In this case, the air coolers of evaporative type can work in normal mode powerful ventilation system and if necessary clean the air in winter can be equipped with additional filters, which usually is equipped with any ventilation system.

  1. WHAT SERVICE NEED COOLERS? Depending on the degree of ambient air pollution (mainly dust and dirt) you must regularly clean the water tank of the cooler, filters and a pump for supplying water to the filters. In areas where air pollution is small, such cleaning must be done at the end of the summer season. The frequency of the above cleaning units and parts, coolers can be up to once a week. Cleaning is done with plain water with a sponge without using any chemical means (see also the answer to the previous question).

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